F For You

Once in a great while, you find a true gem among performance videos. They're difficult to do well for a number of reasons, sometimes purely because a band may not be all that interesting to watch live. But then, the stars align to bring a video chock-full of lush visual energy to your browser window, and you can't help but crank the volume up as high as it'll go.

Disclosure's new 'F for You' is exactly that. Directed by Bullion's Ross McDowell and Ben Murray, a simple, back-lit performance quickly explodes into a hypnotic graphics-laden LED trip. With infectious energy from the duo's music as a backdrop,  the video moves from silhouettes to sci-fi hyperdrive projections, as shards of light cut through a pristine soundstage. It's more an experience than a video, a taste of what Disclosure has brought to dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic.

What a fitting concept, then, considering that Bullion created some of the duo's initial videos - for Control and Latch – just before their explosive, chart-topping growth into one of the most talked-about and most-played groups found in grimy basement clubs and top-shelf music blogs alike.

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