Channel 4

Gaming Changed My Life

'Gaming Changed my Life' is a four-part documentary series created for All4. It details the amazing stories of people who have had their lives changed forever thanks to gaming and video games.

Episode 1 - Steve Saylor is a blind gamer who thought he sucked at video games until the Last of Us Part II made him realise the problem wasn't him. Now he shows developers how to make games better for everyone.

Episode 2 - When Brendon Leigh was bullied at school, racing games provided a crucial escape. Now he's a two-time Esports world champion and living la dolce vita in Italy, racing for Ferrari.

Episode 3 - After injury put a pause to her career, Lisa Manley went from pro footballer to pro FIFA player. Now she's the only woman in the ePremier League and is paving the way for others.

Episode 4 - Playing as same-sex characters in The Sims helped Mollie Faux-Wilkins accept her sexuality and come out to her parents. Now she plays The Sims for a living and is shaping the LGBTQI+ community online.